16 comments on “Our Fantasy Baseball HOT PICKUP OF THE WEEK: But you’ll need to get some ‘Flowers’ for your team…

    • No. Stay with JP. There really isn’t much difference between the two. They both can’t hit for average but JP hits a dinger every 18.5 ABs in his major league career while Flowers is at 19.9. At least JP has more total at bats in the majors than Flowers does so he’s more proven.
      If you can stash him on your bench, then you could slide him in when JP doesn’t play or as insurance in case he gets injured as catchers are so prone to do. You also prevent some other owner who doesn’t have a catcher with this much offensive potential from picking him up..
      Good luck and thanks for checking in. (you can always email us at fantasyfurnace.com with any fantasy questions).


    • Taking out the 2011 season when he only played 43 games due to injuries, LaRoche has averaged 29 HRs and 100 RBIs in 2010 and 2012 with a .266 BA. Not sre if I would give up on the 34 yr old veteran right now, who by the way is listed as day to day (back strain).
      Are you in a 2-catcher league? If you were willing to give up LaRoche, who is your other 1B? How many teams make up your legue?


      • I’m in a h2h league, 10 teams with 3 utilities and I have 2 catchers, arencibia and Maurer. On first base, I have hosmer, morneau (and maurer if I play him there) so I’m pretty stacked on both positions. I feel like I need more power in my lineup. Thank you for your help!


  1. If you’re in a 2 catcher league, and you have 2 catchers, maybe you should think of grabbing Flowers as your back-up to use on days when one of the other two is not playing. What will you do if one of them (Mauer/JP) get hurt? Although with only 10 teams in your league I guess there’s always a catcher on waivers too consider.
    For any fantasy questions feel free to contact us at fantasyfurnace@yahoo.com
    Good luck!


      • Well, you ARE pretty stacked at 1B and you do not seem to have any backup for your two catchers, so you could pick up a little insurance package in Flowers. You won’t lose out on HRs to LaRoche and given his propensity to getting injured, it doesn’t seem like a bad pickup to us-especially in a 10-team league. Go for it man!!


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