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  1. Which begs the question which came first the “chicken or the egg” ? I know the NFL is a business first and the game of entertaining the fans second . But the Giants will rue the day they made this move . Speaking of moves , Jerry Jones has agreed in principle to up the ante concerning Romo’s contract giving him an even bigger signing bonus than Joe Flacco .


      • And it simply proves once again why the Cowboys may well stage a Superbowl at Cowboys Stadium , but they will never be the participants in one, with at that venue or with Romo quarterbacking that team . He’s yet to win a meaningful game regular or postseason for the franchise , while the player himself continues to make excuses for his inconsistent play and complete lack of leadership ability .


      • It’s like I said, more money does not equate to more talent. The 2013-’14 Cowboys will do than better than last season. They just coninue to put the same lousy and predictable product on the field while Jerry laughs all the way to the bank!


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