• They had gone something like 18-5 with Rasheed and lost him, Camby, Felton, Melo, Chandler, Amare, an ineffective Shumpert returning from the same injury as D. Rose, etc… Bosh, Wade, & James have not missed a quarter of what this bunch has.
      Did they over achieve in the first month or so perhaps. They took out your Heat by 20 twice so even you have to admit they were a different team prior to all their injuries.
      It’s ok to be a Knick-hater Al but one needs to look at an entire picture before making an assesment.
      I give the Heat all the credit in the world. They are playing lights out bball like no one has in over 40 years but when a team is decimated and there is someone new at several positions almost every week, it’s physche and chemistry is affected. I mean they’ve been doing whatever you see with mirrors and 35+ year olds. Not the case in Miami Al..
      I never had them winning the NBA Championship. I just felt that, if healthy, they could compete with teams in the East and maybe make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs. I never envisioned that they would turn into a *M*A*S*H unit…


  1. Healthy being the operative word and at this point of the season , the Knicks coaching staff would be better off with triage medical professional to deal with an aging Knicks roster ! I’ve read all of this biased idiocy of fans espousing the team and no one touched on the core makeup of the roster and its age. They would do AARP proud . So what if the Knicks blew out the Heat , didn’t the Warriors mop up the Knicks’ #ss and beat them by more than 25 points ? Steph Curry made that Knicks’ team his proverbial ##tch !


  2. Geritol and Viagra won’t be able to resuscitate this Knicks’ team . They’ve now become a spent force racing out of the blocks like a hare . Someone should have reminded them that the season isn’t a sprint but akin to a marathon with a postseason awaiting a team as well . Clearly it was something lost on their fans , arbiters of dubious taste , their prognosticators , as well as the coaching staff, players and the entire front office .


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