5 comments on “The Heat’s quest for 34…Is it just a broken record?

  1. Good points all. I think Chicago is a possible end to this run, with or without Rose. If they get by the Spurs, they’re gonna set the record. I see a (possible) danger in working up too much steam on this streak, considering as how they’ve had to rally big in several games over the past week and change. The focus needs to remain on being healthy, as you pointed out, come May and June.


  2. The Knicks are another team that has proven they can bea them. They did so twice by 20 points and let in their third game vs them by 17 before fading. If the Knicks can continue their strong play of late (5 wins in a row) and go into Miami on a roll, they could give the Heat all they can handle. Be nice to have Chandler back by then.
    The other thing to look for is that when most teams on a streak lose that first game, it has an impact on the games that follow and sometimes there is a lack of intensity. We’ll see. They need to get by the Bulls, Spurs, and Knicks first…


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