5 comments on “2013 Fantasy Baseball: Our Top 10 Sleepers to Watch-Hitters

  1. A sleeper list without Adam Eaton. Thank the Lord! Lol. Not a bad list, thank you. It’s aimed toward fairly small leagues, but definitely provides some mid round guys who could out perform their current ADP. I’d be very interested in seeing a deeper list for those of us who are in leagues where the above are already owned. In my top 3 leagues not one of the aforementioned guys are available and most have been owned for a couple years now. I’m trying to get a head start on guys who will be 2013’s version of Sal Perez. Or even a list of which vastly improved vets you see continuing the solid production for a second year in a row. Guys like Cody Ross, Brandon Moss, Jason Kubel, Andy Pettitte, etc. Just an idea of you’re looking for another article subject!

    Thanks for your time and effort!


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment AJ and your kind words…
      Actually your idea isn’t that bad. How many are in your league(s)? Are you in keeper leagues as well? I’ll see what we can put together.
      Did you read our Sleepers to Watch: Pitchers article? Were you able to pick up some of those players off of waivers?


      • Thanks for the reply. I have 2 main leagues that I’ve put my heart and soul into over the past half-dozen years or so. One is a 14-team, 10 keeper, salary H2H league with 3 additional prospect slots. The other is a 12-team, partial dynasty contracts league, with a 25 man pro roster and unlimited prospect roster (that can only be added onto via draft & trade). While I enjoyed both articles, neither were deep enough to even scratch the surface of those leagues. The contract league is deep, so I can understand that, but the salary league only rosters just under 400 players, so there should be plenty of bargains and high ceiling guys to snatch up. Especially since salary limits the ability to stock up on expensive vets.

        Thanks again. Any feedback is appreciated.


      • Just to clarify, my contract/dynasty league actually has a pretty high turnover of quality players. It may be deep, but the way the contracts are structured there is a number of guys thrown back into the draft pool who you may not see available in regular leagues. We are allowed one extension per year (max 5yrs) but anyone picked up throughout the season is only on a 1yr deal and therfore tossed back. Just wanted to clarify that so you weren’t under the impression that our draft consisted of only bench players and backups. The first couple names drafted this year we’re Fielder, Billy Butler & Justin Upton. Those guys woulda been long gone in a normal league.


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