One comment on “2013 Fantasy Baseball-Players to avoid drafting…Part 1: Hitters

  1. Can’t see Loney being at all productive for the Rays ! He’s there to replace Pena who’s a far better player all round ! Unfortunately for the Rays the mentality it now live within their means while their millionaire owners have about as much business acumen as a member of Congress .

    As for Alex “Roidriguez ” , his health issues are self inflicted and has nothing to do with aching hips . You abuse steroids and one of the bye products of that is degenerative bone disease which can lead to the malady the Yankees’ third baseman now has .

    I see Josh Hamilton has been critical of the Texas Rangers’ organization and its fans ? When will players like Hamilton simply learn to keep their damn mouths shut and merely play the game ? You don’t bite the hand that once fed you, and you certainly don’t do it , in a way where it can be viewed as something of a veiled threat .

    Tophatal …………….


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