6 comments on “Our Mid-Season “State Of The Knicks” Address

  1. Nice article but what trades would you suggest to make this team better? As for who would score when Melo isn’t on, that is where Amare comes in in addition to Jr Smith. Yes the ball movement is the key to the offense and believe it or not to the defense because when they move the ball they get back better on D. Other point I wish everyone stops killing Melo for not passing the ball based on assist. He makes the pass that sets up the assist when they move the ball. If they hit …Novak Smith and company the assist go up. Don’t buy the Shumpert for Jared Dudley deal the knicks aren’t looking to deal Shump…unless they can get Josh Smith lol


    • Yeah, Dudley in not the answer. He can score but he can’t play D. Josh Smith? Wow! I’d think about getting season tickets if he ever came to the garden…
      Just one aside Jerry..Woodson, who admitted it after the game, should never have taken melo out of the Clippers game. 41 minutes, 43 minutes, 45 minutes…I mean what the hell!! He could have played 48 since after tonight’s Raptors game the Knicks have a week off…He was too hot to sit down and I’m a big Woodson fan.


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