9 comments on “(VIDEO) 3 Air Balls in a Row? In the NBA? In 40 seconds? C’MON MAN!!

  1. Of all the places to be shooting air balls it to be at the Palace in Auburn Hills . The last memorable event to happen there , was Artest aka Metta World Peace going up into the stands to help an attendee with his seating arrangement or as I like to put it , rearranging the furniture to give the venue more ambiance . I believe in some circles it’s called Feng Shui or in the inner city areas areas of Miami and the world over a ” good ol’ fashion “beat-down aka @ss kicking ” .

    MWP”s game has been on decline for several years , much like his intelligence .

    Tophatal ………………………………..


  2. When I read the headline, I automatically thought this article was about Kris Humphries. It’s amazing, but Mirza delivered more air balls in 40 seconds than Michael Jordan did in his entire career. I can imagine P.J. pulled him over after that last one and said “This is why you can’t have nice things!”.


  3. What made this so sad is that coach had just decided to give the rookie some extra time to showcase his “talent” but where I disagree with P.J. is that he picked a contest that was way too close and a it too late in the game to bring the kid in. Clearly the pressure got to him, hence the reason for benches…


    • Hence the reason Stern and the paeans and blowhard analysts ” have been selling us crap ” over the past few years that the NBA is an exciting brand . It’s not exciting when you see teams play ineffectively and the coaching borders on being so inept that you are wondering what the hell it is you’re actually watching .

      The All Star Game , what do you believe to be actually exciting about that event in particular ? The games themselves are not competitive and there’s no real incentive for the players , other than the incentives with regard to their contracts . LeBron we know is the best player in the game , yet he has no wish to perform in the Slam Dunk Contest . When have you have ever heard of Jordan at his peak , refusing to be part of that competition ?
      Far too many of today’s stars have become conceited and downright selfish , as their only concerns ……. just happens to be about money !

      The NBA has now become a league of ” feast and famine” but as of late it is a famine !

      Tophatal …………….


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