18 comments on “(VIDEO) What do we think of Caron Butler’s fake ‘high five’? C’MON MAN!!

  1. It was a classless act by Caron Butler ! But hey , at least he didn’t knee the kid in the groin while pulling that bu###hit move !

    If interested let me know what you think critiquing the following ? As and when you’re ready .

    NBA , NFL related piece


    Simply NBA related :


    Tophatal …….


  2. It was a classless act. I wonder what his teammates said to him after the game about the spot he put them in? I will say this if he were a teammate of mine and did that in front of me, we would have words about after the game. It may not be the worse thing he could have done but it is sure not the brightest thing to do either, and the fact that he was rewarded with getting a foul and shots to go with it should have the Raptors steeming for some time to come.


    • No, I don’t think they will either Alan as the game took place over the weekend. Something would have come out by now if there was any action to be taken. I mean what he did was not illegal-just unethical and classless and you can’t nor should you be fined for being a buffoon!


      • Stern has always been concerned about ” the image of the NBA ” and the lessons being sent to the kids . . Does he possess the balls to do what’s ethically right , or will he simply let this slip ? David Stern much like his counterparts within the NHL, NFL and MLB , are simply imbeciles !

        If I’m not mistaken the NBA much like the NFL does review all game film to assess the performances of the officials and conduct of the players. So, there is no reason why the league cannot mete out some form of punishment retroactively, as they see fit . It has been done by the NFL and the NBA before .

        So the Rockets got manner from heaven as they rained down three pointers (23 three’s) in a 140-109 victory over on the Warriors ? Where’s the ” beef ” or in this case the ” defense” from the Warriors ? Mark Jackson was dumbstruck with his postgame responses . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!! Old school ? Who’s he (Jackson) kidding, that Warriors’ team couldn’t stop a dog from using a fire hydrant as a receptacle to drop a deuce amongst other things .

        Tophatal …………


      • Stern will let this go and rightfully so as nothing illegal was done. What Butler did would be like a player attempting a three-pointer while his team is up by 27 with 10 seconds left in the game. Illegal? Nope. Unethical? Yep!
        As for The Warrior’s game, after the first dozen threes by the Rockets, Jackson should have called his team out and urged them to better guard the perimeter. Clearly that wasn’t done..


    • I hear ya Al but the worst that’s going to happen to Butler already did. He probably got called out by a group of his embarrassed teammates and coaches after that game. That, unfortunately, is about all the consequences that he’ll face. Sad.


  3. As for the Giants Alan, Jerry Reese is one of the few G.M.s who knows what he’s doing. LB David Deule, a 10 year veteran, might be next. They’re about $3 million away from the magic $121 Million cap (the Jet, for example, are $30 million away… STILL!) I have total faith in what Reese does. Period!


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