17 comments on “10 Facts, Stats & Records from Super Bowl XLVIII that you might not be aware of…

  1. Fact eleven ……….. the stoppage due to an electrical fault (allegedly – who pays the bills for the corrupt city of New Orleans ) played into the hands of the Baltimore Ravens , as it definitely unsettled the Niners , more so than it did the Ravens . And Mr Moss , can now shut his dumb @ss for good ! He needs to keep those thoughts as to his greatness to himself , as no one is actually interested in what he has to say , unless it’s of real depth and insight.

    Flacco showing his excitement while dropping an F-bomb during prime-time , in his post-game interview . I wonder what the people at Disney might’ve thought , were it ABC (their parent company) televising the game ? “Hey Joe where are you taking the family having won the Superbowl ” ? ” ###k you , it ‘s not Disneyland or Disneyworld , I’m off to Cancun ! “

    Tophatal ………………..


  2. Thank you so much Shannon! That was nice of you to say that…
    Sorry out S.F. coming up a bit short but they played hard and with all their heart so there’s nothing to be ashamed of especially with a QB plying in just his 10th NFL game..



    • A Ravens/Niners rematch? Could be… The Ravens, however, are continuing to age on defense. I mean the Ravens that I’ve known would never have given up 30 points! But if it should happen that would be great to see!


  3. Good post on the Super Bowl! It looks like Jacoby Jones is going to do well on Dancing with the Stars this season too. A SB trophy and a mirror ball as well. Thanks for visiting my site, hope to see you back soon. BTW, what is up with the Cowboys and Romo…6 years/$108 million bucks?

    Their owner is plain crazy! Take care,


  4. Hey Skip!
    The deal with the Romo extension is this…First, there are no other quarterbacks out there to choose from. Second, it’s just Jerry Jones being Jerry Jones. Romo carried his team to a 8-6 record the past two years and choked at the end of each season. Remember the Redskins game at the end of the season last year? The thing is Jones has been touting Romo as the next best thing since Troy Aikman & Roger Staubach and now he simply is placing his money where his mouth is. This will come back to bite him because money does not make a player more talented.
    Thanks for checking in Skip!


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