24 comments on “Our “Bro Bowl” Prediction

  1. Makes a lot of sense to pick the Ravens, but I’m sticking with the 49ers (and Kaepernick) until my luck runs out. Which will probably be tomorrow. ;)

    I’ve really appreciated these pre-game breakdowns.


    • Thanks so much for the kind words Shannon. I try not to put that much sentiment or ‘feeling’ into these picks and prefer to rely more on stats & facts but in either scenario the team that’s going to win is going to win regardless of what I or the thousands of pundits say…
      I don’t see this game becoming a blowout and either team has an excellent chance of winning.
      Good luck! (to both of us..) ;)


    • Just checked it out. Here’s the thing…Colin Kaepernick has one road win in the post season under his tattooed belt. Flacco has several this season and hi also has at least one playoff win every year over the last five. His experience should be one of the major deciding factors in this game.
      Oh, by the way Maurice, I thought we were already followers of Fan on Fire? I tried signing up on the lower right hand side of your site and it wouldn’t let me. Can’t even leave a comment…just thought you out to know.


  2. Let’s just hope that this game does live up to the hype !

    Have you been following the fallout concerning the NBA Players’ Union ?
    Executive Director , Billy Hunter supposedly has voluntarily stepped down while the executive committee conducts an investigation concerning his and that of his daughter and son concerning misappropriated funds ($80,000) and talk of his wishing to use $7 million of union monies to prop up a Cherry Hill , New Jersey bank (failing) , where his son was said to be a senior executive .

    If at all interested let me know what you think ?


    Tophatal ….


    • Haven’t been well-versed on the NBA Players union issue. I’ll have to check out your post.
      We don’t get as involved in these sort of things unless or until the fallout has an impact on the players. As you know, we’re a ‘fantasy’ site first and foremost. But thanks for the heads up on this story..


      • It’s troubling when the executive director Billy Hunter turns a blind eye while his daughter misappropriates $80,000 of union funds . And then Hunter , seeks to take $7 million of the NBPA’s money to invest in a Cherry Hills’ based bank (had liquidity issues) , where his son just happens to be a mid level executive . That action , Hunter sought to take without ever having advised the union’s executive committee or union President Derek Fisher . Cause for concern don’t you think ?

        And here am I thinking , that politicians were the only crooked SOB’s out there !

        Tophatal ………..


  3. I believe it expires in March. The owner of the Ravens has already said that Flacco will be his QB and face of the franchise for years to come. I think if he has a good showing at the big game today it will liken his chances of that huge payday he’s aiming for. Do I think he’s worth Peyton or Brady type of $$ ? no! But unless he totally implodes today I don’t see him in any other uniform next season except the Purple & black.


  4. Like in the 4th quarter, 1st down on the Ravens 7 yard line. Why not try to run it in on ALL four downs instead of chucking 3 passes and 1 run?!? You have Gore, Kaepernick, Walker, etc…and I get that you’re playing vs a good defense but come on, these aren’t the ’85 Bears here…


  5. Beyond the power outage , the end of the game was really perplexing , given the plays of the Niners in the waning moments of the game .

    Best ad of the Superbowl to my mind ………. Mercedes-Benz , guy in the restaurant being enticed by the Devil !


    45 takes to for this guy, to put his tongue down the back of the throat of Bar Rafaeli ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Am I missing something here ?

    In terms of comedic value and sexual overtness (GoDaddy.com ad) , model Bar Refaeli and the geek , and the kiss they shared . What the hell was actor , Leonardo DiCaprio thinking , when he dumped her ? Was he going for an upgrade ? Rafeali isn’t a Dodger Pinto that’s sure !

    Tophatal ………….


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