22 comments on “Carl (“The American Idle”) Pavano: Is he unlucky or very lucky…

  1. Now let’s see over those ensuing years how much ($71,562,000 – career earnings) money has Pavano earned over the timeframe in question ? Pity him ? No ! This is the idiocy of the game , merely paying a guy who’s body of work at best has been way below average .

    And look at the Yankees with A Roid , he’s likely to be lost to the team for the year having to undergo hip surgery . All as#holes are of the opinion that the surgery is merely a malady . Try degenerative bone disease because of his misuse of PED’s .

    Top salaries in baseball


  2. How can I have pity for a below average major league pitcher who has averagedvjust under 9 wins a season fot the past 14 yrs whille rakingin an obscene anount of money from four different teams?


  3. I cannot stand this guy. Oh my God, when we played the Twins in the postseason a few years back and the announcers were talking up the idea of Pavano getting ‘revenge’ on his former team? I was like….revenge? The Yankees paid him forty million to polish the bench with his ass. Disgusting. And thanks for that Fleer baseball card pose of Ed “Crash Test Dummie” Whitson. If only Billy Martin would’ve been alive to kick the crap out of Pavano….


    • And if you remember, even the pitchers on the Yankees were not too thrilled with The Idle either. Mike Mussina was the most outspoken about his lack of effort.
      As for Fast Eddie, he was supposed to be the second coming of Whitey Ford and instead he more like a Ford Edsel! Took the dough but claimed he couldn’t handle the Big Apple…


  4. Hank

    It’s not just the owners , Bud Selig this year is on course to earn $24,5 million for doing what , might I ask ? By comparison the top salaried players the game .

    MLB owners are like the front office executives , simply too dumb for their own good . We have a laughable situation here in the Tampa area with the ownership belly aching about a new stadium but not having the money to even in part , pay for the venue , so they are hoping for either Pinellas or Hillsborough County to pay for a $600 million structure . Both county governments are cash strapped and yet their anally retentive fans believe that they can afford to build that venue.

    Tophatal ………….


    • I am not too familiar with the stadium in Tampa (except when I see a Yankees/Rays game on TV). Is it in that desperate need of being replaced? I never see too many people at their games either aand they usually seems to be a large contingent of Yankees fans when they both play..
      As for Bud Selig, he ought to be arrested for stealing…


      • The only time there is anywhere a full capacity for a Rays’ game at Tropicana Field is either when the Red Sox or Yankees come visiting . Then and only then, is there likely to be anywhere near 35 ,000 fans filling the venue .

        With the Rays meager payroll and the fact that they are in the AL East , and makes it all the more difficult for the franchise to remain truly competitive . Their task won’t be made any easier this season with the continued strength of the Yankees , a resurgent Orioles’ team and the ever present Red Sox , who I believe will be vastly improved with John Farrell as their new manager !

        I’m sure that Bud Selig , and his $25 million this season , will be put to good use ! His retirement as far as I am concerned can’t come around quick enough ! Both he and David Stern of the NBA are supposed to step down , next season . Both have been in their respective positions , for more than two decades , but they have ill served the fans and the public at large .


  5. Bud Selig has put the ” nail in the coffin ” as to the Rays ever hosting an All Star Game , and over the years he has repeatedly berated the ownership and local and state politicians for not funding a new venue . Selig , forever remains a pompous a#shole , who has never done anything to benefit the game without seeking to be front and center of it all !


    • Nothing that franchise (Rays) has done in recent months has been logical . They trade away Shields and Davis to the Royals . And fans in the locale are insisting that the pitching staff this season will be better than last season . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      That is why I’m a Braves’ fan , we’re more knowledgeable about our team and definitely not fair weather fans .

      Your thoughts on the latest A Rod allegations ?


      • You’re right about the Atlanta Braves fans. I know some and they are extrememly passionate about their team!

        As for A-Rod, two things briefly:

        1. Figures he would be in the news just days before the biggest fotball game of the year!

        2. He’s been cheating since 2000. He’s as guilty as sin in my eyes and frankly I’m tired of hearing his name, listening to his lies, and seeing his picture in the paper every week. He couldn’t retire quick enough for me…I hope the Yankees find that loophole and rid themselves of this self-centered, egotistical, and certifiable loser!


  6. The lease on Tropicana Field in St Petersburg doesn’t expire until 2027 . The Rays’ ownership has no wish to break that lease as they simply do not have the resources to pay the financial penalties that would be incurred . As it is , they struggle to make a profit without an assist being provided to them by way of the league’s tax sharing revenue scheme .

    If at all interested let me know what you think ? Merely click unto the links shown to view .





      • The teams do share but it’s predicated on a formulae worked by the league and the payout is not the same (equitable for all) in terms of the tax sharing revenues . Teams with a payroll in excess of $110 million have to pay a taxed surcharge of anywhere between 15-25 % which is then disbursed to small market teams . Disbursements made to the teams made via the league’s revenues are done on a pro rata basis.

        The likes of the Red Sox and Yankees who have their own cable broadcast outlets ( YES Network – Yankees & NESN Network – Red Sox ) take in millions, and the revenues derived there , they are not required to share those with the rest of the teams within baseball as it is considered to be part of their in-house baseball operations . Furthermore, they can also choose to legally use the broadcast operations as a tax write off , when they haven posted heavy losses .


  7. $110 million .

    The whole A Rod situation has now become a joke and the fact that the hierarchy doesn’t seem to be yet taking it seriously does create the perception that they are completely out of their depth . This is now the second time since the Yankees’ player came forward with his less than contrite admission of guilt where his name has come up with regard to another steroid investigation . The real issue will be , how and when the Yankees go about seeking to void his contract, which apparently does have a morals’ clause actually written into it , With the player (A Rod) standing to lose $114 million on the remainder of that contract . Is it , any wonder he’s denying culpability ?

    Tophatal …………….


    • No, it’s not! Arod’s legacy will, unfortunately for him, not be about his Home runs and RBI’s but about his involement and connection with PED.
      The Yankees will be better off without this broken down shell of a player. That $114 million could be put to better use…


      • No matter what A Rod now tries to do or suggest , he can never get over the stain on his career and the fact for the second time in three years he has caused a great deal of embarrassment to the Yankees’ organization .

        Fictional character or not A Rod has more in common with Pinocchio , than he would really care to admit . Rodriguez is an immature pi$$ ant , and he lied then, and he is lying now . Six months after this confession , his name with another Florida medical professional (Dr Anthony Galea) who’s now incarcerated for money laundering and the distribution of opiates and PED’s . And the substances he claimed he took as an OTC substance that came from DR and Puerto Rico was already illegal under their laws .


        He (A Rod ) and Pinocchio can’t handle the truth . LOL,LOL !!

        Tophatal ………………….


      • Great comment Alan! Nice touch with the vids…The thing is that even with the roids over the past few years it has done nothing to bolster his performance on the field. What a waste!


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