7 comments on “For the Knicks: What a difference a Ray makes…

  1. Ray coming back gives the Knicks a deeper bench and has everyone playing back at their nautral position. You won’t be seeing Melo or JR Smith bring the ball up that’s for sure. Now everyone understands how important Felton is to the Knicks and to Jason Kidd. Less minutes played more effective J Kidd is for the Knicks the more the movement on the ball becomes. And Iman Shumpert gets to play with Felton for the first time. That will be huge down the stretch of the season.


    • It just you how fragile teams in the NBA are. We just got out-rebounded by almost 20 boards in the Nets game because we have no Camby or Sheed on the floor…
      Felton will help with his 15 points and 6 assists a nite.


      • who would have thought Rasheed Wallace would be important to the Knicks? Camby who i thought at the time was a good pick up has been a non factor and is woefully out of shape he looked like he hasn’t played in two years instead of Sheed.


      • The Knicks are missing those boards from Camby & Sheed (yeah I can’t believe we’re depending on a 38 yr. old for rebounds either) while the Nets continue to out-rebound their opponets regularly. You know how good the Knicks are in keeping their turnovers low, right? Well, how’s this for bizarre…the Nets have turned the ball over 52 times in their last three games-and have won them all!!


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