20 comments on “NFC Championship Game

  1. Uh, RGIII didn’t beat the Falcons and Cam Newton only beat them once. Sorry, but Wilson, Newton and Griffin are a combined 1-3 against Atlanta.


  2. New breed of quarterback ? Or more to do wit the fact that the quality of the coaching in the NFL has been average at best amongst a number of the coaches that many thought were good ?

    The NFC championship game could prove to be very good , if both quarterbacks , are anywhere close to their regular season form . But the overall edge will go with the Niners, as they are the more balanced team !

    Tophatal ……..


  3. In some cases they are & in some cases they’re not.

    Very un-Patriot like to fold and collapse like they did in the second half. They did not come prepared to play-very unusual for a Belichick coached team..


  4. Some of the blame has to fall on crybaby Belichick. He gets credit when the Pats win …why can’t he take some of the heat when they not only lose, but they fail to even show up to play!?!


    • I concur with that, wholeheartedly ! Far too often Belichick behaves like an imbecilic and petulant child . His lack of sportsmanship and disdain for others (a victorious opponent) when having lost , is one of the main factors that the franchise is so disliked . It has never been the players , but more so to do with Bill Belichick’s demeanor . Even when he breaks a smile , he still looks if someone stole something from him . I consider him to be a damn good coach , but a pi#s poor human being ! And that’s me speaking as a diehard Patriots’ fan !

      Tophatal ……….


  5. Read the piece. Clicked ‘Liked” but it didn’t go through. And had no place to leave a comment… so I did not watch the ‘tell all’ spot that Oprah gave to Lance because it felt t like it was going to be the same diatribe we heard when LeBron took an hour to tell us he was going to take his talents to South Beach.
    If I lie & cheat there are consequences…not $4 million paydays!


    • The money paid to LeBron by ESPN , he actually donated in full to the Boys & Girls Club of America . Now the question one should be asking is how much money did he accept as a player in high at St Mary’s of Akron , Ohio . I don’t know of that many teenagers who were rolling around in a $70,000 in a ” souped up ” SUV prior to declaring their eligibility for the 2003 NBA Draft . How about you ? Yet somehow this was all overlooked by David Stern and the NBA hierarchy ? Stern is a goddamn hypocrite !



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