9 comments on “What major flaw have the Knicks exposed to the league?

  1. ‘sheed is like pet dog , he’s gotten into good and bad habits . In the case the dogs , he likes to take whiz when he gets next to a fire hydrant , scratch and lick its’ own “nuts” when he is being irritated quite possibly by ticks . Rasheed Wallace is simply no different from that canine . Obedience school won’t help if that behavior is already ingrained its psyche .

    I’ve become sick and tired of NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and his league counterpart Roger Goodell ! It’s been three years since the two sides came to an agreement wherein there’d be mandatory testing for HGH . Smith rebuffs the whole testing stating that there is not a definitive testing protocol out there . Goodell , on the other hand continues to blow smoke up everyone’s @ss , stating one minute that there are privacy issues , the next , he is stating that it is down to logistics and time .

    Last I looked , the NFL hadn’t yet become as incompetent as the federal government , but now I’m really beginning to have my doubts ! Especially now , when you consider an imbecile such as Bud Selig can get an a testing protocol up and running after years of
    indifference and blow-back from the the players’ union (MLBPA) .

    Who would thought that the NFL would be considered the hierarchy that is now archaic , and less forward thinking than even the members of baseball’s hierarchy ?

    Tophatal ………………….


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