10 comments on “2012 in review

  1. Congratulations on a awesome 2012 my friend. 2013 looks to be even more interesting with more stories to tell and more awesome entries from you. As always I will be along for the ride.


  2. A slice of the box office returns would be far more preferable don’t you think ? Even 5% of a $ 400 million gross , and you can live like King , with some handmaidens at your every whim . What’s not to like about that ?


  3. Norv has been sailing by the seat of his pants for years without doing anything demonstratively good , and now he’s criticizing an owner for kicking him to the curb .

    Bears’ GM Phil Emery is obviously delusional , if he thinks that Lovie Smith is primarily responsible for the Bears’ failures this season . His pass happy quarterback Jay Cutler has spent more time on his back than a female porn star being asked to do repeated takes , for a scene by the movie’s director for aesthetic value . LOL , LOL,LOL !!!

    If he (Norv Turner) takes over from Sparano , things won’t greatly improve that much , because the Jets’ offense beyond Keller and Holmes , is about as frightening as seeing Clay Aiken in pads , playing flag football . Aiken under center , now there’s a sight for sore eyes . I’ll take some Visine , thank you ! .


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