5 comments on “Will the Brooklyn Nets get their Phil?

  1. So does that mean PJ Carlessimo is now ” cannon fodder” for D-Wil to a ” Latrell Sprewell “ on the coach ? And how much money do the Nets owe Avery Johnson , having fired him midway through his contract ?

    GM Billy King doesn’t not have my condolences , but I do find this all so comical !

    Look at the commitment the Nets now have to Williams and Joe Johnson ? And these dumb @ss Nets’ fans believe the franchise good enough to challenge in the Eastern Conference ? Bloody idiots !

    D-Wil the coach killer , was never and anywhere close to being the ” best point guard” in the NBA ! Let ’em all keep on drinking the ” Kool Aid ”

    What matters, isn’t just what happens on the court but also what decisions are made inside the front office .


    • Money owed to Avery Johnson is small change to Prokhorov. I wouldn’t be surprised if he offers Phil Jackson 4 years at $55 million!!’
      Never was a Deron Williams fan and was less of one after coercing in the firing of a classy albeit unlucky coach out in Utah.


  2. Jax would make the Nets relevant, I mean REALLY relevant. Not sure how that would translate into legit conference contender, but it would be fun. I was just wondering though, is Gabe Kotter available? He’d be a natural, I’m thinking.
    Hey, a serious thanks for your thoughts this week.


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