5 comments on “NFL Week #16-This Week’s Five Best Bets

  1. Last year, Tebow was my favorite player of the year. As for ’12, it’s RGIII. I hope this kid stays upright for a dozen years or more, because he’s got movies in his step. Mancrushing? Yeah, I am.
    Merry Christmas, Fantasy man.


  2. What’s not to like? He’s one of the most exciting players in the NFL today! And I must admit I found myself pulling for Tebow last year as well. In fact I went completely overboard and picked the Broncos to beat the Patriots in the playoffs!?! Delusional? You betcha…
    And thanks so much for the Christmas wishes. The same to you and your family!


  3. Thought I looked at your picks for week 16, Hank. Sorry I didn’t make comment. Also sorry for the G-men. I can’t figure how those guys scored 14 points in their last two games with so much on the line! Ah well, who do you like for the Super Bowl? I’m looking hard at the Broncos, but have no real idea for the NFC team…


    • Don’t count the Seahawks out in the AFC Steven…They have been beasts and are doing it on both sides of the ball. Personally I feel no matter who wins in the NFC the AFC team will win the Bowl this year.


      • Yea, I’ve become a Seahawk’s “fan” in these last few weeks. They could contend, but it may be a tall order to beat out the likes of the Packers, Falcons, and 49ers through the playoffs…

        And, with the Pats, Broncos, and Texans to contend with, I agree the AFC will probably take the Super Bowl.


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