5 comments on “This Season’s Top Ten Dunks!

  1. nice entry my friend, Duncan has never been known to Dunk much so they need to keep that on file for proof. No top 10 would be completel without LeBron and Blake Griffin. Iam surprise Blake didnt have another dunk in there. He is good for 2 or 3 a game by himself. Dr.J see what you have started?LOL


    • I saw him play when he had his ‘fro & was on the Nets. Wow! There was no one else like him…And what made him even more of a role model was that he was very humble for a superstar.
      You’re right about Duncan. Not really know for his dunkin’..lol


      • Dr.J was the most spectaular player I ever saw. He would have run rings around Jordan. Stern never understood that jordan took him moves from Dr.J and David Thompson


  2. I have to ask, why do the Raptors have an army fatigue uni? They’re from Toronto. The Tim Duncan slam? Seen one, I think you’ve seen them all. And as far as the muscle dunk, Blake Griffin would be taking out backboards left and right if he played back in the day. And speaking of back in the day, that Rudy Gay was throwing lots of Dr. J at us with that throw down.


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