6 comments on “NFL Week #15: This week’s Five Best Bets

  1. Hank…I agree with your picks. The texans will not lose two weeks in a row, especially after that embarrassment in Foxboro. The G-men must beat Atlanta, and I really don’t see how the Falcons can win anymore than maybe one more game this year. And the Seahawks smell blood, they are pooring on the points with their new found confidence!

    Good job, my man!


  2. I considered Adrian Peterson powering the Vikings to victory, but the Vikings are just terrible on the road, and the Rams seem to be the hotter team to me.

    And I just think the Falcons are going to want to redeem themselves for losing to Carolina, and will come out playing hard. The Georgia Dome is a tough place for the visiting team. And I think the Giants are the better team too, but there’s a revenge factor from the playoffs last season where the Giants knocked the Falcons out. The Falcons can help return that favor by beating the Giants. So I’m just going with my gut on this one. I think the Falcons will pull it out.


  3. I just think that even though there’s more reasons why the Falcons should win there’s only one why the Giants will…they HAVE to!

    Valid point on the Vikings, but AP has been a beast and I don’t see the Rams defense stopping him. We’ll see. Thanks for checking in Maurice! If everybody agreed with everybody nobody would comment, It’s what I love about doing what I do.


  4. What Adrian Peterson has done this year is nothing short of astounding. Just coming back from that knee injury would’ve put him at the top of my list of tough guys. But to dominate the way he has? I know it’s a long shot for him to reach Dickerson’s record, but I’d love to see it.


  5. Me too. The guy should win every award there is (and some that don’t even exist); MVP, Best offensive player in the NFL, Comeback player off the year, most gutsiest, etc…If that was mw having that surgery, I would still be learning how to walk in rehab!


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