3 comments on “NFL Week #13: This Week’s Five Best Bets

  1. I felt kinda sorry for Sanchez and the Jets after last week’s debacle, but then the feeling passed and I’m back to luxuriating in their slow burn of a season. I was very upset (seriously) about the end of Fireman Ed, though. The guy is a real fan, and he didn’t deserve to go out like that.


  2. Mr. Ed brought a bit of this upon himself however. For over 15 years he’s been sporting his famous Bruce Harper Jersey at Jets home games. Then he decides to switch to Mark Sanchez, clearly a more unpopular thing to do given the QB’s regression over the past two seasons, and the idiotic part of the fan base were relentless in their pursuits of confrontations with the Famous Fireman. Instead of relinquishing the #6 from his back, he chose to walk away from his cheerleading role at Met Life.
    But you can still sleep at night Cayman, secure in the knowledge that Ed will still be attending games but just not in the same role as he’s had for over two decades.


  3. Wow, one point away from 3-2 for the week. I can still say with great confidence that NYG will be there as divisional champs. Like you say, they add drama at the end of the season.


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