9 comments on “NBA Referee Joey Crawford Blows Call Then Goes Dancing? C’MON MAN!!

    • Steven he’s been getting away with this for decades! The next really slow sports day I just might write about some of his NBA screw-ups. Not to be believed…
      As for Lindsay, honestly I think it’s just a matter of time before she does something severe to herself. She’s in so much need of therapy.
      Glad you liked the videos.


      • Stern is said to be contemplating levying fines against the Spurs because Popovich sought to rest Ginobli , Parker , Duncan and Danny Green for a game against the Heat . This from a commissioner , who in the last eighteen months shuttered the league because of his ego and who has been earning on average $25 million a year for the past five years at least . How does he or this decision make any damn sense ? Inquiring minds need to know .

        With those players actually being rested , the Heat barely got by the Spurs , winning by a 5 point margin , 105-100.


    • As a Spurs fan I am angered by the commissioner’s actions !

      David Stern has been a pompous a#s over the past five years and this being the same butthead who in 2009 and 2010 coerced several major financial institutions to loan in excess of $475 million to 22 NBA franchise and issued a public statement saying that ” this should not be viewed as a bailout for those teams” . Over the last decade the league has been the recipient of over $1.245 billion in loans from major financial institutions . Consider also , that Stern earns in excess of $20 million annually and has been doing that for the last five years , at least . And his being the same individual who sought the NBPA (players’ union) concession in the last labor dispute.

      Top paid players
      in the game and the team salaries .

      Tophatal ……


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