12 comments on “Stick a fork in the Jets…These Turkeys are done!

  1. Crap is spelled C – R – A -P ! It has now become synonymous with the Jets . Tebow on the sidelines must’ve wished he was back in Gainesville . Florida playing for the Gators , rather than being part of this mess .

    He should rethink those damn idiotic statements as well ……… wanting to be the best player and teammate he can be . What with this team and the mess they’re currently in ?

    I was hoping that Brady and the Pats would have put up 60 on the Jets ! Alas it wasn’t to be !

    Trust you and the family , had a great Thanksgiving ?


      • How else can you spend Thanksgiving ? Imbibing (alcohol) , eating turkey and – watching football —– , I’ll use that that last term loosely with regard to the Jets and Cowboys’ debacle . Got loads of turkey and stuffing left for the rest of the week or so . Not too sure if the dog will be interested in leftover scraps , as he (Buster) started to be insensed by the Jets’ display . Need to take him to the vet , because I’d hate to think that the symptoms are psychosomatic ! LOL ,LOL,LOL !!! My dog is a Jets’ fan ? Damn ! LOL,LOL !!

        Tophatal (avowed Pats’ fan !)


  2. Instead of playing on Thanksgiving, I think they ought to have a “Suckie Bowl” game in February after the Super Bowl. Contestants can be decided by the very worst record in the NFL, or by an “unpopular vote” from American fans.

    Now, by “worst” team, I don’t mean the teams with the worst record, I mean the dumbest, cruddiest, most laughable teams in the NFL. Even something the Lions “challange” call could perhaps qualify them for the game. Who would play in this year’s “Suckie Bowl?”

    Congrats to Bilichick’s 200th win…even if ya don’t like the guy, he’s a great NFL coach…

    Nice game “wrap” Hank!


  3. I thought the days of Rich Kotite, Joe Walton and the hapless Jets were behind us. We were all fooled into thinking that the Rex Ryan era would put an end to the “same old Jets” moniker. We were wrong. Thursday night’s loss was just the latest in a long history of low points. As a season-ticket holder, I demand accountability. Woody Johnson – who apparently requested that the Jets play on Thanksgiving (thanks for ruining Thanksgiving Woody!) – should be embarrassed.


    • Speaking of Rich Kotite, the last time the Jets had consecutive non-winning seasons was under Kotite in the 1995-96 season. As for Woody, he’s the Jerry Jones of the AFC East! As for Ryan, FYI after 2 seasons with the Jets, Eric Mangini was fired after going 9-7 in 2008.
      Thanks for checking in.


    • There hasn’t any common sense coming out of the Jets’ front office in years , Tannenbaum and the owners are to blame for that . Tebow is simply an affable guy , not an NFL player . The sooner people begin to realize that fact , rather than this asinine notion of cheering ” for the underdog” , perhaps then reality will actually set in .

      Tophatal …………


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