7 comments on “NFL Week #12: This week’s Five Best Picks

  1. How about the actions of Ndamokung Suh ? If that doesn’t indicate how much of a dirty player the guy just happens to be , then what does ? Matt Schaub’s groin can’t be feeling that great , after such a cheap shot .

    The Jets are proving all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold ! The same too with the Dallas Cow-girls !

    This season the Lions are proving to be mediocre !


      • Yea, we talked about Dalton and the “Bungals” earlier this year when I did that piece on them a few weeks back.

        I didn’t do as well as I’d like on my “Six Pack.” Almost got that “upset” with the Bucs over the Falcons! You too, I think…

        Anyway, I was 3-3 overall, and am 45-26 for the year. Hope you had a good turkey day…talk to ya later!


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