9 comments on “NFL Week #11-This week’s Five Best Bets

  1. Great read as usual! Thanks very much!

    I’m going against common sense this week and saying Cleveland beats the error prone Romo in a low scoring battle. Cleveland has been close against some decent teams- including both Baltimore games, Philly and their wins against SD and Cinci- so I’m thinking they’ll want to play spoiler any way they can.

    Just wanted to have my prediction on record, even though Dallas will probably blow them out because of it. Have a great weekend and I look forward to next week’s post!

    -AJ Leight
    Pittsburgh, PA


    • Thanks A.J.! Some of those Browns games weren’t as tight as you think…weeks 7 & 8 were close vs the Colts & Chargers but wk. 5 it was a 14 point loss to the Giants, wk. 6 a 10 point loss to the Bengals, wk. 9 a 10 point loss vs the Ravens. Weeden seems to have regressed over the past few games, Trent can’t do it all, and Dallas’s defense isn’t as bad as you think. We’ll see on Sunday..
      Thanks for checking in!


  2. Yea, different picks…best of luck to you, all of yours look good! Vick will not start, RG3 will have a good game I think. Saints are heating up, should clobber Oakland. We’ll be talking later…


  3. I think that the Texans are the team to beat! You have to have some determination to win 8 of your first 9 games.. Not sure why you feel that they’ll flounder in the post-season. Based on what praytell?


    • They have terrific balance between a stiff D and an offense capable of running up the score. I hate to say it, but I couldn’t pick anyone over the Pats this year, though. Sure they have a cake schedule and their o-line isn’t what it once was, but I’d rather stare down just about anyone other than Tom Brady come January. And with the addition of a run game, they could really control the clock in a must win game.


      • Well, I hear what you’re saying but the Giants did beat Tom Brady and the Pats in the Super Bowl…Twice! So they are beatable. We don’t know however, how good the Texans will be in the playoffs this season but they can do it on both sides of the ball..


  4. Well, for over 3 quarters of football it seemed as though my prediction may come true. Winning the battle of the ugly despite being without their most lethal defensive player, Cleveland had the Cowboys #. But alas, they blew it in the 4th quarter and lost in OT. Oh well, thanks for fun week and we’ll definitely chat next Sunday!


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