7 comments on “NFL Week #10-This Week’s Five Best Bets

  1. Maybe after the Bengals and Giants games you’ll stop underestimating the Steelers! To be completely honest, games like this coming Monday worry me a hell of a lot more than ones where we’re playing the reigning world champs. I don’t know what it is about weak opponents, but we just never put them away. We’ll let them linger until the middle of the 3rd, when they’ll go up by a score. Then we’ll cough the ball up when we’re fighting for the win! Ugh – it’s the most frustrating thing ever!!

    Haha, thanks for the quality read as usual. Keep up the good work and take it easy on my Steelers!!


  2. Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind A.J. However I didn’t pick the against the Steelers last week because of their lack of talent. But with Troy, Jonathan and Rashard, to name a few, all being on the shelf last week, and given the Giants’ “usual” ability to stop the run, I never would have imagined Redman running for 147. Did you?
    It was a good win for Pitts. Props! And I really wouldn’t worry too much about Monday.
    Thanks for reading.


  3. I don’t think we’ve had a week in the last 4 years where we aren’t missing a pro-bowler or two. It’s unfortunate, but despite a couple self-inflicted gunshot wounds (Oakland/Tenn) it hasn’t really lowered our level of play too much. It killed us in the playoffs last year as Ben gimped around and still somehow tied it in regulation, but it was still a solid year. This year, our offensive line has been lightyears beyond what it’s been the past decade. So while I wouldn’t have pegged Redman for 147, I did think he’d do well enough to control the clock and keep our 3rd down statistics phenomenal. I can understand people around the country being shocked at Dwyer’s 2 big games and then Redman’s, but in Pittsburgh we have a different viewpoint. We remember that Dwyer was a top ranked RB coming out of college and that he’s worked on the one thing that had been holding him back in the pros: his conditioning. We also watched all of last year as Redman consistently showed up Mendenhall in terms of both effort and, often times, results. Point being, the hometown crowd hasn’t been all that surprised that our line and running game have had success.

    But with all that said, it was obviously a tough matchup for both teams – and picking one team or the other isn’t a bad choice under any circumstances. I had just remembered your forecast for the Cincinnati game and it sounded eerily similar. So after completely shutting down the Andy Dalton to AJ Green connection that has plagued the league – and THEN holding RGIII to 9 rushing yards and dominating them from beginning to end, I thought maybe, JUST MAYBE, we’d get a little love against a mediocre Eli Manning and his banged up running attack. Don’t worry tho, you’ll have your revenge when we get creamed by Matt Cassel and fat Romeo on Monday, lol.


  4. Yeah they killed my week Cayman. I just don’t get it. Not just beaten but HANDILY! Besides the Colts loss by 3 they gave up just 13, 14, and 9 in their previous wins. Where did their Defense go?!? Could be a while before we pick the Fish again my friend..


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