5 comments on “Fantasy Football: Week #9 Waiver Wire Pickups

    • It was bad but given what’s happened to so mny people here I was blessed. Had some damage to my roof and two backyard fences and loss of power for 2 days. Can’t get any perishable supplies as o store is carrying any and gas forget about..none anywhere!

      How bout you Cayman?


  1. Hank, I’ll join Cayman in hoping you and your family are well. It’ll be a long time and a lot of work to get that “normal” way of life back…but just keep on pushing! I like this post, Mendenhall is a great player, but the Steelers have done well despite not having him. The Palmer/Romo point is well made too…reports say Tony will finish his career as a Cowboy, (CBS). And I like the Lions, Tutus Young as well!

    Take care…Steven


  2. Thanks for your sentiment Steven. Means a lot. We’ve seen such devastation here and the worse part of this storm are the casualties. I haven’t heard what the count is today, but as of last night there were 36 dead-19 of which where i live..

    I consider myself fortunate right now..


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