9 comments on “Knicks and the Nets…”In a New York State of Mind”

  1. Are you buying to the Nets? Personally , I believe they will be good but I can’t see them mounting a serious challenge within the Eastern Conference . Joe Johnson has yet to contribute anything meaningful to a team over the course of his career . And now the Nets are on the hook for over $60 million left on the remaining years of his contract .

    In terms of the Knicks that is a franchise , whose make up at the core has more in common with a home filled with geriatrics ________ and a now broken down Amare’ Stoudemire , who will be lost to the team for the next two months .


  2. No, however I think the Nets will be competitive and finish at or near the 8th spot. As far as money owed to Joe Johnson there is also a kings ransom due to Brook Lopez and I’m not sure there’s anyone out there that will want to pick that up. But their owner prints his own money whenever he needs it. They won’t be holding a charity for him anytime soon..

    The Knicks will definitely make the playoffs but I fear they will be in and out of the first round without much success depending on what seed they get. I think they will be competitive when matched up vs the Celtics but haven’t a prayer vs the Heat.


    • Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov spent millions to purchase the Nets and also fund the cost to build the franchise’s new arena (Barclay Card/Atlantic Yards) . That being said they’re still a long way from where they need to be .

      In terms of the Knicks , as a I alluded to they’re too old at their core to really compete , much less go deep into the playoffs . The front office is simply bereft of ideas and that has been clearly shown with the idiocy that they are prepared to rehire Isiah Thomas. This being the same dumb a#s who cost the franchise millions having been found guilty in a civil suit concerning the sexual harassment of a female employee . The Celtics are a far better team than the Knicks from a competitive and player standpoint . As can be seen by how they went about their off season in terms of the draft and free agency acquisitions . And by the way , the Knicks as a team are woefully inept defensively and amongst the worst in the Eastern Conference .


  3. You don’t have to be a Nets fan (I’m not) to be excited about their move to Brooklyn. The City Game is going to rock now that NY has a legit rivalry with the Nets move into the boroughs. I cannot wait to see the place, the new unis’ the whole scene. Very exciting.


      • While excited , it’s probably a great venue (Barclaycard Center) to catch a Jay z or Beyonce’ concert . As to the team who knows ? NYC has a real and Jersey has a real credibility issue when it comes to their professional sports’ franchises outside of the New York Giants . The rest have simply sucked in recent years . Yankees are getting old and it shows . Mets remain a joke ! Bills , they’re still circling their wagons. The Jets, well l based on yesterday’s comedic exhibition , Tebow , Sparano and Sanchez should be part of the mass unemployed . In the NHL , well let’s put it this way , four labor stoppages and two decades , sums where that sport is going , and why it is once again on the decline . The union and league hierarchy of hockey are simply bereft of intelligence .

        While the Knicks have James Dolan (owner) in charge, they will never be competitive .


  4. MY MAN thank you for an objective look at both teams and yes I agree on both points on the competition and that New York is big enough for two NBA Teams. Just for the record the Nets are the second team to play in Brooklyn currently (Brooklyn Cyclones are the first) and in 2015 the Islanders will be the third team. Nice job my friend. We should try to hook up and go to a Nice game to check out the competition. LOL


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