6 comments on “NFL Week #8-The Week’s Five Best Bets

  1. All those teams are the favorites, are you saying bet money line or minus the points? If it’s a money line bet, it won’t pay much. For instance, of course the Packers are going to win, theyre 16 point faves! Betting $100 on Green Bay to win straight up would pay like $6.


    • This is a rare week in that if you look back at the previous 7 weeks of our best bets, you will see many games that we picked that were clearly not favorites. In the case of the Packers this week who are overwhelming favorites betting the money line would be like betting on a horse who has odds of say 6-5 or so. Many do just like many do not. Although we just pick which team will win or lose each week, it’s more predicated on the points than anything else.
      Thanks for commenting and good luck to you!


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  3. To say that I loved the Dolphins performance despite Tanehill’s early exit, would be an understatement. After Tony Sparano’s ridiculous Super Bowl celebration in Miami earlier this year, I was stoked for the rematch and Miami didn’t disappoint me for once. I like what’s going on in Miami right now, and hopeful that Tannehill’s injuries aren’t of the lingering variety.


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