9 comments on “NBA Draft: Our Super Seven Sleepers to consider…

  1. All great choices but what of their leadership abilities ?

    Dropped this on the Celtics and Red Sox , if at all interested ?


    NFL , boxing piece


    Tophatal ……………


  2. In fantasy sports no cares about leadership qualities. They just want their team to garner the most points every week..

    Read your articles. Not into boxing anymore. Nothing interests me and (apparently most people) like it used to years ago. If you ask ten people who the holds championship titles in all the weight classifications they would look at you like you had three heads and appear like a deer in headlights..


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  4. A couple of good pieces on the NBA! Always a great bit of insights to be had. I gotta get my “NBA” on soon, the season’s here already. Any comment on the winless Lakers?


  5. Thanks Steven! IT’s a busy time for us here with Football, the World Series, and Basketball all converging at one time…

    As for the Lakers, I never lent much credence into pre-season games in any sport so I really don’t have much of a take on the winless streak in L.A. I am sure that when the games mean something it will be quite a different story.

    What I AM most interested in seeing is the dynamic between Nash & Kobe. One’s a facilitator and the other is an ISO man who constantly demands the ball. We’ll see how that plays out soon enough with the regular season starting on Tuesday.

    Thanks for checking in and if I am behind on reading any of your articles, please forgive me as I’m over my head with pieces being worked on.


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