8 comments on “Fantasy Football: Week #7 Waiver Wire Pickups

  1. Great article! I was lucky enough to snag Felix after an owner dropped him when he left with cramping. It’s a godsend this week, as Shady McCoy & Jamaal Charles are on bye for me! And as a fun twist, I am facing the owner who dropped Felix this week. And even better – he’s having to start William Powell due to bye weeks himself!

    My only question… Do I plug in Green-Ellis or Steven Jackson as my other bye week filler? Might not matter since I’m also missing Matt Ryan, Julio Jones & Tony Gonzalez this week. Fitzpatrick, Stevie Johnson and Aaron Hernandez will have to do!

    Thanks –


  2. Neither back is a great play this week. BJGE is up vs a strong run defense Steelers team & he hasn’t averaged more than 4.0 yds per carry since week 1. S-Jax is losing more & more carries to rookie Daryl Richardson who had 11 carries for 76 yards last week. So if I had to pick one I’d go with BJGE since he’ll get the bulk of the carries & has a better chance of success than S-Jax.
    Nice job snatching up Felix! William Powell isn’t that bad of a play though as back-up QB Skelton will be relying on him more. However he’ll face a Vikings team that’s given up the 29th most fantasy points to backs so Powell will have his work cut out for him.
    Thanks for the kind words & for stopping by AJ!


    • Thanks so much for replying to my message! I appreciate the advice and am definitely going to use it. I had been leaning towards Jackson, but I think that’s more about me not being able to get over my false hope he returns to the workhorse he’s been the better part of the last decade. And you’re definitely right about one thing – neither is an ideal play, especially in a week where my #1 QB, #2 WR and both RB’s are on bye. But as a lifelong Steeler fan, I know when to admit our defense isn’t playing as well, and now is certainly one of those times. Hell, even CJ ran for 91 against us and he was really struggling until the week before.

      Wish me luck! I’ll be fine even if I lose – but pulling out a win with Fitzpatrick, Stevie, Felix and Lawfirm in my lineup would be one for the ages. One last question if I may – would you consider starting Josh Freeman against N.O. over Fitzpatrick? Both are facing bad secondaries, but I just think Fitz had more “big-game” potential. He’s been solid against weaker defenses. Interceptions are only -1 in my league, so even if he throws 3 picks it won’t hurt quite as much as long as he has the TDs and yards to back it up.

      Thanks again,

      Pittsburgh, PA


      • Actually those 2 QBs are BOTH good plays this week. The Saints give up 360 yards of offense a game and the Titans have already given up 13 passing touchdowns which is over two a game! I would lean more to Fitz as the Titans are 29th in defense in the league and he can sling it!

        As for Stephen J. I said before the season started that he would be a potential bust because your featured back should garner more than 5 -6 TDs a season and that’s what he’s been averaging for several years now. He’s no longer fantasy relevant in my opinion.

        Not easy doing well when half your team is on a bye. Hope these suggestions pan out for you AJ…


      • Yeah, I didn’t draft Stephen Jackson, but I did get him in a trade. It was him or Jacquizz Rogers and I figured I’d take the vet who was the starter, even tho I like Rogers if Turner were to go down. All together, I gave up Darren Sproles, Mike Wallace and Brandon Lloyd and received Julio Jones, Stevie Johnson, Stephen Jackson and Greg Jennings. I already had my starting RBs in Shady & Charles, so I felt alright about giving up Sproles for WR upgrades and getting Jackson in return. But thanks again! Fitzpatrick it is!


  3. One of these days, Hank, I’ll get into this Fantasy league play! As for Felix, he has some talent, but the “O” line for Dallas hasn’t blown open running lanes for RB’s in a couple of years or more. It’s been a rushing attack that gets 2-3+ YPC for a while now.

    As we’ve agreed upon before, the Cowboys haven’t been a relevant factor for a good many years. A lot of that has to do with poor ownership issues with Jones. He really needs to “get the heck outa Dodge!” Sell the team, man, let it go!

    Take care…


  4. Remember we’re talking fantasy football here so a lot of owners have lost their featured back this week either because they’re on a bye or are injured. Carolina gives up the 2nd most points to running backs in the league so even though the ‘Boys off. line is sub-par, it won’t take that much for Jones to have a decent day vs Carolina.

    I see I’m going to have to tutor you in fantasy sports at some time Steven..lol


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