6 comments on “Fantasy Football: Week #6 Waiver Wire Pickups

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  3. Hey Hank. I like this article as I do most all of the Fantasy “wire” posts. One day, you have to teach me a bit about how to play the fantasy leagues…sounds like fun! BTW, I tried to “like” this article, but it won’t take my vote??…

    As for Ponder, I like the improvement he’s made this year, as you know. I also like Andy Dalton, even though the Bengals 3-game win streak was snapped last week. And I believe Romo is in trouble again this week with Baltimore’s “D.” Your thoughts?


  4. Thanks Steven! We’ll have to work on getting you introduced to the art of fantasy sports and who better, if I might say so myself, than Fantasy Furnace to teach you?

    The ‘Like” thing…I have absolutely no idea why that happened. No one’s ever said they had a problem before, so don’t worry about it. (Although I appreciate your attempt at a ‘Like”…)

    As for Romo, he, and therefore the Cowboys, have regressed quite a bit. Dating back to last year, Romo & the ‘Boys have only won 3 out of their last 9 games. He’s erratic and inconsistent and certainly not a ‘clutch’ QB like Eli. Baltimore should win that game this week to answer your question.


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