8 comments on “NFL Week #5: The Week’s Five Best Bets

      • As a kid my father taught me about betting on horse racing . He taught me how to read the race forms and everything about the whole industry . As I got older , I took some of that knowledge to parlay it , into betting on other sporting events . Specifically , Wimbledon , and what was then the precursor to Premiership soccer , with the First Division .

        Now it’s only once in while that I might actually lay a wager , and now it’s primarily on an MMA event .

        Won’t be betting on outcome of the November elections though , that’s simply shoving money into the hands of the odds-makers for no apparent reason .

        A’s fans are happy , while Rangers’ fans have become suicidal . What the hell happened in that game ? 5-1 up in the fifth inning , only to lose 12-5 , and with it went the AL West divisional crown . .


      • If you would have told me in the beginning of the season that the Dodgers and the Angels would not be playing in the post-season I would have asked you what you were smoking…


  1. Injuries played its part in derailing the hopes of both the Angels and Dodgers over the course of the season . Yet that should be no excuse for their undoubted failure .

    I’m now watching the Braves fold like ” cheap suit ” in the game against the Cardinals , as things now seem to be winding down towards its inevitability . Damn !

    My Braves play themselves into contention and then “wimp out ” !


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