10 comments on “NFL Week #3: The Week’s Best Bets

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  2. Sorry Chris…maybe this is the only one I’ll have wrong this week…but their only chance is if McFadden has a good day like he’s capable of doing and the Steelers don’t give up too many 100 yard days to backs.. And if he can’t better his 2.2 YPC avg. then Palmer will be airing it out all day and the secondary will be waiting for him. We’ll see.


  3. Gez, Hank. We who pick these games do our best, but that lousy “upset” bug bites us HUGE! Week 4 may bring us all more reasonable results!


      • He’s like “teflon,” nothing sticks to him! I mean not even the obvious offensive pass interference on Shields of the Packers, which the replacement refs never even called, was reversed by the league office on review! That win belonged to Green Bay without question…

        He lives a charmed life!


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