8 comments on “NFL WEEK #2-This Week’s Five Best Bets

  1. Fantasy- You’ve been served- as per the addition to my Lovely Blog award post. Read at your convenience. As for your picks- I’m liking ’em, and here are my reasons.
    Ravens over Eagles- Cause I will never root for Michael Vick
    Chargers over Titans- Maybe if the TItans lose enough games, they’ll change their Masters of the Universe unis.
    Giants over Bucs- I’m intrigued as to what NY can do if they make the playoffs.
    Skins over Rams- The Rams should’ve traded Bradford to Miami and picked RG, who is my new favorite player.
    Colts over Vikes- Better to be “Luck”y than good?


  2. The Jets haven’t won in Pitts. For years. They even lost championship games there- so your news that Sanchez will be in for a rude awakening is not coming as any shock to me. Especially without Darrelle Revis or Dustin Keller playing. No way the Steelers are going 0-2.


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