7 comments on “Fantasy Football: Week #2 Waiver Wire Pickups

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  2. Tonight we should find out if Cutler believes in the old adage ” revenge is a dish best served cold” . His game against the Packers in the NFC championship game in 2011 was disastrous . Never mind the fact he bailed on his teammates in their crucial hour of need .

    What do make of the idiocy concerning Texas Tech basketball coach Billy Gillispie ? He’s taking an indefinite leave of absence for medical reasons but he apparently he was involved in an unprovoked attack on basketball player by the basketball coach . Nice is this what they call a reverse P J Carlissimo ?

    If interested let me know what you think of the following as it deals with the very fact that both Melky Cabrera and Ryan Braun are still seen as legitimate candidates for the NL MVP .

    You can’t handle the truth !

    Tophatal …….


  3. It was the career defining moment in a lackluster Cutler career ! And last night the guy proved that not only is he a ” damn cretin ” but he is also overrated ! What did the Bears actually achieve last season ?

    Cutler is this era’s Jeff George !

    You have to look at the guy’s body of work and not think that by dealing with a medium you can predict what a player or team will do . The Bears as a team are way too inconsistent and at times poorly coached .

    Their team stars 2011 and their 2011 regular season record …………. record over the past five years

    NFC North Standings 2011

    I can always do a Mark McGwire ……………. not talk about the past and just talk about the children and the future . But hell , what’d that achieve ? It’s the Bears , and they simply suck !


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