2 comments on “(VIDEO) KSU QB thinks he’s a PG on a goal line play? C’MON MAN!!

  1. Hank, it’s all in the timing! Iplayed TE on my school football team. Our coach wanted to put in a trick play which involved the center snaping the ball, the QB faking a dropback as if he was passing. Then, I was supposed to pull off the line, grab the ball from the center’s butt, and run through a hole at the “2” gap.

    The first timewe tried it, the center fumbled the snap. The second time, however, I took the ball and gained about 8 yards. We never put it into a game, however. It was a fun play however…

    Great clip and post, my friend!


  2. Thanks Steven! Guess you’re a fairly big dude to play tight end. Did you mainly block or were you used more on offense.

    It’s not that I don’t think trick plays are a good call once in a while but if your team is up 21 points and there’s only a couple of minutes left in the half, what’s the point?


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