8 comments on “NFL Week #1-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

    • The day Goodell got the job , he was already a buffoon ! His acceptance speech bordered on ineptitude at its very worst . What might be even be more galling is the very fact that some of the most powerful owners in the NFL backed him as Paul Tagliabue’s successor without ever really having a real interview process of multiple candidates . So what does that indicate to you about the NFL being an old boys’ network and being self-absorbed entity ?


  1. Agreed on what you and Alan say about Goodell. Now they’re planning a 5 week ref schedule with the replacements! I wonder if some of the weird stats in week one didn’t come from poor or missed calls.

    BTW, love this post. Geez…the Ravens took out Cincy huge tonight. However, Baltimore has a huge schedule for the entire season! Lots to get through for Flaco, Rice, Lewis and crew…


    • I’ve more implicit faith in the girlfriend telling me that she’d like to role play a scene from 50 Shades of Grey , than hearing that Goodell is still seeking an agreement with the NFLRA (referees’ union). This crap could have been amicably settled months ago , if the commissioner hadn’t been such a bonehead !


      • That’s exactly what the Refs said in week two of the preseason. The longer this goes, the more I’m inclined to agree that Goodell is trying to “flex some muscles” rather than settle a dispute!


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