7 comments on “Cruz, Wilson, & Karma make for a bad night at Met Strife Stadium

  1. Cruz dropped two passes ? Don’t worry it could’ve been worse , rumor has it that Plaxico Burress wanted to invite him out to a gun range prior to the game .

    If interested let me know what you think of the following ? In order to view just click unto the link shown .

    Preview of last night’s game

    MLB piece : does Clemens really want to return to MLB ? Or does he still remain a publicity seeking w##re ?


    Tophatal …………


  2. Wait until the Giants hit the field for week two. No more drops for Cruz. Nicks plays a bigger part. Bradshaw gets 80-90 yards rushing, and Manning gets 22 of 29 tosses for 325 yards and 2 TD’s. Giants will NOT go 0-2 in 2012…


    • Speaking as an individual who lives in Central Florida and where sports’ talk radio here is encapsulated around the Bucs , Lightning Rays and Magic . At this time of the season as the NFL starts its long schedule . It’ll be fun to hear what the Bucs’ fans have to say about the team especially the comments from the fans who actually care to turn up and see the Bucs play at Raymond James Stadium . The area here is known for its fair weather fans , Consider the fact that of the Bucs’ last seventeen regular season home games , fifteen have been “blacked out” because they cannot sell the allotted tickets required . In their season opener against the Panthers , the same thing happened again , and that was in light of the recent changes made by the NFL to assist the teams that face such a predicament . Go figure !

      When the Bucs face the Giants in New Jersey I can see that Giants’ defense getting to Josh Freeman ! Likewise their offense will test that Bucs’ somewhat shaky offense and that’s in spite of the rejuvenated play of Ronde Barber some of his new teammates .


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