22 comments on “(VIDEO:) Kent State Linebacker runs 58 yards on a punt return…the wrong way? C’MON MAN!!

  1. Read the ‘changing but not for the better article’. First of all I didn’t see a place for comments following the piece. Second, it looks like your site has undergone a complete transformation and I like it!
    As for the article, there is so much information on so many subjects that my comments might rival the length of the article itself! However, on a few of the points raised; Clearly you don’t have a fondness for Mr. Goodell. (not many do) On the subject of paying the real refs I say Roger should do so, at any expense, to save the product’s integrity.
    The Jets, well let’s just say it could be a long season for them. Remember when they had all that success in Sanchez’ first 2 seasons they had much more talent on the field that was left there for Tannenbaum. Jeremy Cotchery, Braylon Edwards, LT, et al. He never did anything to replace or inhance his offense over the past 2 seasons and that’s why there is an inferior package on the field. Mike is totally inept!
    Lastly, I was a big fan of Chris Cooley. And agree that he was the cement that was a big part of the Redskins foundation for so many years. He will be missed for his talent and leadership.
    Excellent article!!


  2. Cayman Thorn’s crystal ball predicts…..my Dolphins are going to take this kid in the first round. Sadly, I’m plenty fine with that pick. Hey…he got 58 yards on the pickup! It’s still something!


    • Cayman always looking at the glass half full. I hear the department of transportation will be handing out STOP! WRONG WAY, DO NOT ENTER SIGNS at all future Ken state games. Is it just me or does Ken and Penn sound a like?


      • It’s you Pete. There is no Ken State. It’s Kent State. But thanks for the sign option though. Already forwarded it to the Athleic Director of Kent State who is a real Athletic supporter…:)


      • Yes but Kent and Penn don’t RHYME so it blows the JOKE! Duhhh. Gee thanks Debbie downer!! Ha, Ha… I did take a few of your recommended sleepers in the later rounds. Eli, luck, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, BJGE, Julio Jones, Demarious Thomas, Jason Whitten, Dustin Keller, San Fran D., Titus Young, Stephen Gostkowski… Boooyea!


      • Charles Luck and Witten are ?? Luck is ok as your backup. Charles coming off of a major injury & surgery. Witten has yet to be cleared with a lacerated spleen.. The rest look very good!


  3. Not expecting much from this team. They brought in Meachem to replace Jackson. That move won’t get you too many Division championships…Oakland has the better team with their receivers, backs, and D..


    • Didn’t say they were going to win the Super Bowl this season! Just said they’re more improved. That’s all I said. The only “If” concerned the health of McFadden. Jeez Alan, wouldn’t the health of Matthew Stafford affect the Lion’s performance? I mean really counsellor, are we really going to argue the semantics of how I describe a team’s probable performance?”Ifs” are included in every conversation when predicting how a team might or might not do since the beginning of time.
      As for the Raiders new coach Dennis Allen, I’m unimpressed that he’s a first year guy. Don McCafferty (Colts, Super Bowl V) and George Seifert (49ers, XXIV) were rookie head coaches and both won the Super Bowl. Enough said.


  4. And the coaches in question had great teams that won those Superbowls . This is not a great Raiders team by any stretch of the imagination .

    The division however , should prove to be interesting with so many plot-lines. One of which , I believe will lead to the firing of Norv Turner and the possible sale of the Chargers . The Spanos’ family simply haven’t a clue as what is needed to make that franchise a success . The fans have been asked to put up with way to much crap in recent years , beyond the ineptitude of the team , along with Norv Turner and A J Smith .

    Gotta go , taking the girlfriend out for a night on the town . Enjoy the weekend and the revelry of the sporting events .

    Tophatal ………..


    • He was. And I felt for the kid when his teammate explained to him what he had done. There wouldn’t have been a rock large enough for be to crawl under if that was me in front of 50,000 people!!
      Thanks Jerry!


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