10 comments on “Fantasy Football: Running Backs to grab in the middle to late rounds

  1. He’s had some issues with his foot and has missed the entire pre-season (he will not play in the final pre-season game either). However he will be on the field starting game 1 of the reg. season. Don’t expect the 11-12 TD’s that he had with the Pats. Remember, the Pats had the ball on the 5 yard line or less for BJGE and that won’t happen with that kind of regularity with the Bengals offense. But he’ll still be a viable RB2 in most leagues and someone to grab after the first tier of RBs are off the board.
    Thanks so much for the comment!


  2. I had the chance at BenJarvy but chose Rashad Jennings from Jacksonville instead. I already had McFadden (8th round keeper), Jamaal Charles, and Shonn Greene but I’m definitely second thinking myself.

    Guess that’s what these drafts are all about though lol.


    • We’re not big on Jamaal Charles or anyone, Mendenhall, etc.. coming off a major injury like ACL or MCL injuries. Not a fan of Greene either. He stands to lose even more goal line carriers to Tebow this season which won’t help his fantasy numbers. However, I don’t know who was available when you were drafting so these could have been the best of who was on the board.
      This is why we put up this article; in case the the top backs are gone we listed some serviceable choices.
      Thanks for the comment! And good luck!!


  3. Good piece as usual, Hank! I like Green-Ellis in Cincinnati very much! And you’re right about Jackson in St. Louis…this is his 9th year and he’s been beat upon greatly. And MJD has some serious mileage too.

    Man, I can’t wait to kick it off this year!

    Take care, Steven


  4. Thanks Steven! I think BJGE will have a great year, slightly tempered from his production in New England, but he did his damage with the Pats as part of a time share & still managed 12 TD’s! Bernard Scott will steal a few goal line scores from the law firm but as a mid round pick there’s none much better.
    S-Jax? Well you would want more than 5 TD’s from your featured back and that’s what you’ve been getting every year over the last three, on average.
    Kick off-a week away. Let the games begin!!


  5. Gerhart and Law Firm were still on the board in the 5th round and I went w/ Gerhart. I hope I don’t live to regret it like I regret my Vernon Davis pick smh I also grabbed Bucs Doug Martin since he’s been awarded the start. Looking forward to who (and who doesn’t make) makes your WR list


  6. I think you won’t be disappointed with BJGE. He will be the Bengals starting RB and they are a run first oriented team. It’s possible he might lose some goal line carries to 3rd down back Bernard Scott, however as a part time back look at his performance in N.E. last season.
    I don’t think the Vikings will see the same Adrian Peterson this year. He’s been banged up several times over his career but none as serious as his ACL and MCL tears last year. Gerhart will prove to be an very serviceable RB2.
    Nothing wrong with Vernon Davis. In the last 5 games of the season, Davis averaged 107.2 rec. yds. & had 2 amazing playoff performances. Put him down for 1,000 yds & 10 TDs.
    Tampa Bay traded up to get Martin and although he too could lose some goal line carries to Blount, he’s still the starter on another run first team. I think you did alright..
    Here are the WRs to grab late:


  7. I think a lot of people are still viewing Cinci as a 6-win team who will rarely score. But with last year’s rookies (Dalton/Green) they could be near the goal line a lot more than people think. It’s unrealistic to think the Bengals will be in the Red Zone as much as NE was, but I think they’ll go to BJGE more often than not when they are. Whereas Brady had two big tightends and a slippery Wes Welker he’d look for in that region as well. I don’t think 10+ TDs is out of the question this year for the Law firm. Another common gripe is his schedule… but it’s beneficial to keep in mind that his 2nd game against Baltimore will come in Week 17, when most fantasy seasons have already finished. Week 1 will be tough, and Pittsburgh twice won’t be easy, but I still think he could walk away with 50 yards and a TD even in the PIT games. Very nice underrated RB.


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