6 comments on “Fantasy Football-WR’s to grab in the middle to late rounds…

  1. Good piece, Hank! I like the Lions passing game so far this preseason. However, I’m not at all impressed with the Cowboys. I thought Peyton is looking better and better in Denver, and you were right, Decker is a “beast” receiver! Your thoughts about these or other teams?…


  2. Thanks Steven! The Cowboys are really weak at WRs. Basically it will be the Jason Witten Show! Austin has only had one good season (’09) and Dez is a limited type of receiver. Not impressed with Ogletree and we’ll have to wait and see about their draft choice Danny Coale.

    I think the Giants have one of the best receiving corps in the league, along with the Pats, Saints, & Packers. Just look at the lineup: Cruz, Nicks, Randle, and Barden. And they can screen and dump a few passes off to Bradshaw. Very potent bunch-excellent QB.


    • I don’t like Henderson for more than a bye week filler. I just think Colston, Graham & Sproles will be the only guys on the offense worth owning, other than the obvious Brees. Devery, Ingram, Thomas & Moore will have a big game or 2 spread throughout the 16 game schedule, but nothing enough to warrant fantasy consideration. Heck, even Toon will probably be involved. With every catch Moore & Toon make, that’s less of a reason to consider Henderson.

      I don’t, however, see any way possible for them to “be in trouble.” Just too many options. The only way they struggle this year is if Brees missing 8+ games.


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