3 comments on “Fantasy Football: Kickers-The best of the rest (for the last to draft)

  1. We often forget how important kickers are until our team is down by 2 with four seconds left and need a field goal! Very good post, Hank!


    • Thanks Steven! Appreciate it. THis article is more important if you’re wise and don’t pick your K category too early. Still some bargains in the middle to late rounds.
      Are you in any fantasy football leagues?


      • No, Hank, I’m not in any fantasy leagues. Actually, I have no idea how they work! I just appreciate some of the hidden talent they seem to feature, so I look over fantasy related info…

        Herm Edwards admitted he used the fantasy reports because the player profiles had more scouting information than his regular staff could put together…

        Have a good one, my friend!



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