18 comments on “Video Of The Week: Andy Reid Calls Out His Defense

    • Look, the union (NFLPA) would be dead set against it ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! The NFLPA are a group of damn hypocrites . They know the truth but they’re hiding behind that veil of ignorance . They are throwing their full support behind Jonathan Vilma in his legal action against the NFL . But God forbid one of the old time retired veterans should come calling cap in hand seeking some assistance from the union because they’ve been denied medical assistance . Upshaw and now DeMaurice Smith are mistreating these guys to some incomprehensible levels . Not unlike how the VA still mistreats so many military vets . The NFL and VA simply pay these issues “lip service ” and have not done anything tangible to really ease the pain and suffering of these guys .


    • Let’s put it this way , you had players being thrown into hot tubs amongst other things . My questions is , what happens if a player had been severely injured with what turned out to be a career ending injury ? Do you believe that the Giants would want to undertake that sort of an insurance hit , by seeing their premiums being raised? Given the fact that the payout would be based on a player’s perceived earning potential . Think about it and get back to me .

      Hazing much like bullying has no place in society beyond the use within the military and there it is used under strict supervision.


  1. I think they were just having some fun and unfortunately it was caught on tape. This sort of thing goes on all the time in locker rooms especially where the teammates are a closely knit group.
    As for hazing in the military, i was in the Air Force for six years and there was nothing remotely resembling hazing going on for my entire tour of duty. Not saying they don’t do something similiar to hazing but I’ve never sen nor heard of it.


    • Spent 8 1/2 in the British Royal Marines …….. spent three years serving in Ireland during the latter part of the troubles (early eighties) . Lost several comrades to IRA attacks. Also served as part of UN & NATO peacekeeping forces in , Ethiopia , Eritrea , Cyprus and then spent time teaching service members unarmed combat . Once out of the military , spent the better half of the next 12 years in the field of investment banking , working in various areas of corporate finance , international banking , investment analysis , risk management , international corporate governance and economic research .

      The Marines had their rituals , suffice to say , it taught me a great deal about myself . Were it not for what I’d learned as a martial artist prior to joining , I don’t know that I’d have survived rigors of that stage of my life .


  2. Me as well. But in the final analysis it all boils down to Vick. And even if (when) he gets injured again, they still have a very good RB, nice receuvers, and one hell of a defense..


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