8 comments on “Stick a fork in the Red Sox: They’re done!

  1. Excellent analysis of their downfall. Not personally a fan of Bobby Valentine’s managerial style. It’s a pity ESPN still hasn’t figured out there are so many better stories in baseball this season than the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.


    • Thanks Shannon!
      Yes I agree with you. I’d rather hear about the surprising Pittsburgh Pirates for example…
      The rivalry needs to take a break until the Red Sox become relevant again.
      Thanks for checking in!


  2. It wasn’t a revolt by the Red Sox players when they met with the front office , it was just their way of discussing upcoming strategies . Beer , chicken and “hookers” in the clubhouse .

    Tophatal …………..


  3. Fantasy Man- V had a lot to overcome this season, what with all those injuries, bad contracts and even worse attitude. That said, he only provided more division to a fractured clubhouse and he’s got to go. I dig your take on this story.


    • Thanks man! I hear you but lots of teams had a host of injuries. The Yankees, 23 games over .500 lost Gardner, Pettitte, Teixiera, CC Sabathia, (stop me when you’ve heard enough…) A-Rod, Mariano Rivera, etc…Injuries are part of the game. Valentine alienated himself from the clubhouse right at the beginning of the season and lost the club after the first 2 weeks. And yeah, he’s gonna go, right after the season ends. Bank on it!
      Thanks Cayman..


      • Hey Fantasy,
        You’re preaching to this Yankee fans choir. I hear you. I just happen to be one of the few baseball fans who digs Bobby V. I don’t appreciate his guys doing him that way is all. I’m not taking you on, believe me. In fact, you’ve inspired me to do a football post. Tomorrow night, I’m thinking. Just for you, and Stephen. My go to guys on all things sports.


  4. NIce article, I agree totally, Bob Apadaca was Valentine’s picting coach in New York and in the minors for the Mets,he recently was fired by the Rockies. If valentine survives the off season he might try to bring “Dac” back with him. While we are on the subject of managers on the hot seat, would you bring back Terry Collins ??


  5. Thanks Jerry!
    Part of the problem in Boston was that Valentine wasn’t allowed to bring his own coaches with him. That spelled doom from the get-go. I always liked Apadaca but if he does end up in Beantown, it probably is too little to late to save Bobby V.
    Collins should come back. It isn’t his fault that the Mets organization including Sandy Alderson went out and spent eleven dollars on the team! Collins is the type of manager that the Red Sox need but I hope he stays put with the Mets.


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