13 comments on “Ball downed on 4 yard line called a ‘Touchback’? C’MON MAN!!

  1. A deal needs to get done if this happens in the regular season or even the playoffs this could ruin a game because if a coach has to waste a challenge to get an obvious call correct .. This is definitely “C’Mon Man” material


  2. Roger Goodell has to be one of the most inept executives in all professional sports .! He and Bud Selig are two of the dumbest nut-jobs in all of the league hierarchy executives .

    The commissioner even before the deliberations began with the NFLRA (referees’ union) this moron began to antagonize the union hierarchy by suggesting that they were embellishing the truth as it related to their ongoing dealings . However , the league’s own legal counsel Jeff Pash stated to the contrary of what Goodell was trying to suborn . Goodell is a pompous self-absorbed jack#ss , as witnessed with his handling of the players’ union (NFLPA) deliberations as well his abandonment of the ” steroid policy ” ratified and voted on by the union .


  3. Replacement refs coming and perhaps for quite possibly the first half of the NFL season? Is this the crap that Goodell and the NFL team owners will try and sell us next ? The league hierarchy want the officials to be full-time employees of the NFL . At present they are only part-time employees and are paid as such , as many of these individuals hold down jobs in the public and private sector . The sticking point between the two sides ? Starting points in terms of the salaries and not about being unionized as some believe the situation to be .

    Tophatal …..


  4. You happen to be correct. Some refs are acually attorneys in their other job…Football is a multi-billion dollar business. We’re talking about a $2-3 million…That’s what Budweiser pays the NFL in one week!


    • Hank

      The officials that usually officiate the games during the regular season are part-time employees of the NFL . The league hierarchy now wants them to be full-time employees but they’re unwilling to pay them as such . Now you have the the league’s chief legal counsel Jeff Pash and their chief labor negotiator Adolphus Birch III trying to negate many of the earlier disparaging remarks made by Roger Goodell about the members of the NFLRA (referees’ union) . Since Goodell assumed the reins from Paul Tagliabue what has that idiot done that has been of merit ? The so called steroid policy that was ratified and voted on and approved by the NFLPA (players’ union) has been abandoned . But yet the commissioner in a statement to a congressional committee stated that the policy will be put into place at some point in the future .

      Goodell is a pompous a## ! And if Congress possessed the “balls” they would actually reassess the antitrust exemption mandate that covers all four of the major professional sports as well the corrupt practices of the NCAA . But the chances of that happening would rank up there alongside either Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton being accepted as a Rhodes’ scholar . Neither is that bright and definitely not one of the morons seated in the Senate or House were that bright to begin with !

      Tophatal …………


      • I’m not disagreeingnwith you Alan! For a change I’m on our side here. Like I said Pay Them! And hopefully when the regular season starts and these scabs blow a call that cost some team the game, the fans, media, and ownership will converge on Goodell like vulures hovering over their prey.
        We’ll see…


  5. Hank

    This mess could’ve been avoided had Goodell not opened his mouth and started to berate these officials when his claims were groundless to begin with . The same way he mishandled the deliberations with the NFLPA (Players’ Union) . It will ultimately prove once again how much of poor chief executive he is proving to be as the NFL commissioner .

    Bettman , Goodell , Stern and Selig might be four of the most pompous idiots in all of professional sports from an executive standpoint .

    Is Terrell Prior now taking dance lessons from Matt Leinart ?

    Tophatal ……………


  6. Maybe this will bring back talks of hiring full-time refs, like baseball umpires. It is to be expected that “replacement” refs are going to be wrong…and some of them may get hurt out there! It may be the only answer for now, but there has to be something better!


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