22 comments on “Giants and the Jets: What you can expect in 2012…

  1. While I am not a big NY sports fan, great article Hank. I do think Tebow will end up taking over the Jets, he has that way about him and he is talented just enough to get away with is.


    • It’s not impososible but by taking the ball out of Sanchez hands you lose your passer. Remember that Denver had the fewest pass attempts and fewest yards receiving of all NFL teams last year. If they only rely on a running game they become too predictable and that will force opposing teams to just stack the box..
      Thanks Justin!


  2. Very good post, keeping me up to date about my Giants. “Chaotic” is the word I’d use for the Jets, though. And Tebow, no. If he somehow starts, you might as well rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic for 2012.


  3. I expect the Jets to sign Chad Johnson when he’s cut by Philbin. And I expect the Giants to fall short of back to back Super Bowl titles after Victor Cruz shoots Plaxico Burress in the foot and is suspended by the incoming Commish- Jonathan Vilma.


    • Cue Joe Pesci from “Goodfellas”…….I’m funny how? I’m funny like a clown? I amuse you? Okay, cool. As for Vilma, I completely overloooked that one. Which is why you’re one of the sports guy I count on to set me straight.


  4. Tim Tebow won’t be throwing more than 5 td’s passes all season , given the scenario under which he’s expected to be used ., That being said , both Sanchez and Tebow must learn how to protect the ball better . Last season the two were amongst the worst performing qb’s in the league in terms of fumbles , turnovers and INT’s .


    • The reason for their follies under center last season was because of the ineptitude of the offensive line; more so with the Jets. Sanchez needs to unload the ball much quicker to avoid more costly turnovers. Unfortunately this year again, the Jets O-Line is adequte, but not very good.The OC has been working with Sanchez in training camp to quicken his release, but until we see him in game-time situations, we won’t know if he has made any improvement.


      • And to think one of Sanchez’s electives while at USC was in theater and dance . Obviously he learned nothing by way of footwork and being swift on his feet . Quick release for Sanchez perhaps would be not thinking he should be coddled over as he was at USC . The only proven offensive threat with the Jets has been Santonio Holmes , when he’s not being a pain in the rear end . There was a reason why the Steelers got rid of him in the way they had chosen to . Once he became a malignant tumor , it was time to cut him , rather than the whole team suffering . It in essence almost happened again at the end of last season, when all of the finger pointing began. And when a seasoned veteran such as LT, is calling on calmer heads to prevail and Ryan is off at the buffet table packing on the lbs . What else should anyone expect ?

        tophatal ………..


  5. Hank

    What do you think of the new gaming initiative in New Jersey ? Giants’ ownership is dead set against as they believe it hinders the chances of the franchise of ever staging a Superbowl .


      • New Jersey is looking to have gambling beyond the casinos and into other establishment that seek a gaming license . The governor believes it will increase revenues , and in that way assist the legislature in decreasing their bloated deficit (almost $6 billion ). But then again that idea pales into insignificance with the stupidity of the rail link being championed by Villaraigosa and Jerry Brown in the state of California .


  6. Hey Hank Like your article, sad thing as a jet fan I am thinking hard of rooting for the Giants. Eli is an elite qb and the Giants have something the jets don’t have … a pass rush


    • Yeah I hear you. Jets fans AND Mets fans have had a rough go of it. I hope for your sake the Jets do well.
      Given their schedule they have an excellent opportunity to win some games-don’t you think? Just not too crazy about their offensive line and receivers. Holmes we about but he’ll be covered. Hill could be a sleeper candidate and then there’s not much left. I think Tebow will be a difference maker and all those that shrugged when he was picked up will probably be the same ones rooting for him when he rushes for TDs…


      • I agree with you Hill could be a sleeper, curly has to step up big..they should have brought back jericho Cotchary and plax too. We had better receivers in Fort Greene playing two hand touch on concrete.


  7. Hank, another winner with the Jets/Giants post! It is so important to any player’s success to stay in the same system year after year. The Mannings know that well as you pointed out. As for other stuff, Johnson may go to the Jets, Burress is talking with Dallas. The Cowboys need wide outs, and Austin and Bryant are both having “hammie” problems.

    I liked Luck’s first game, but it is way too early to say anything yet. Tebow showed exactly what Ryan says he should have showed…that he can run for yardage when the pocket falls apart. He’ll take 8-12 snaps a game in a wild cat offense, especially against the teams who don’t defend the rush well…


    • Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Chad Uh-No Johnson ends up a Jet. The typical pick up for them. A loud mouth, mal content and more back page fodder…
      Thanks for checking in Steven! Glad you liked the article.


  8. I’ve detailed the whole issue in a piece on my site if you’re at all interested ? There’s also piece dealing with races in the AL West and NL East as it relates to the baseball season .

    http://tophatal.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/what-race/ MLB piece

    http://tophatal.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/so-theres-no-steak-that-comes-with-this-meal/ NFL piece

    http://tophatal.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/into-the-valley-of-death-rode-the-six-hundred/ NFL piece on how the Vikings duped the state of Minnesota

    I wouldn’t trust Chris Christie to run a kids’ lemonade stand for a charity event ! And the same goes Tim Geithner (Treasury Secretary) and Ben Bernanke (Fed Chairman) .

    But I leave it for you guys to deal with your ills and woes . Are Jerry Brown and Villaraigosa for real ?

    Tophatal ………


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