10 comments on “Fantasy Football: Defense & Special Teams-What you should know…

    • Alan, winning or going to the playoffs is not what someone involved in fantasy football concerns themselves with. Of course Phil. Had a disappointing season but I don’t think you get the concept of fantasy sports…


  1. I get the concept of fantasy sports ! Let me pose this question to you , the factual results and performances of the players matter do they not ?

    How asinine is the situation in baseball where the Padres can be sold for $ 800 million ? Subject to league approval the O’Malleys and Phil Mickelson will become the new owners of the franchise . Baseball’s whole financial viability is teetering on the brink of disaster but the league owners and union are still too dumb to realize that fact .

    tophatal …………….


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  3. Absolutely! Their front four can wreak havoc on any team in the league. However, they need to be more adept at snatching some INTs-then they’ll really move up the fantasy rankings..


  4. Good post! People forget to consider special teams and the influence it can have on a game. There are three components to an NFL game…offense, defense, and special teams. A team has to be better than its opponent in two of the three to win a game. DST can figure into things greatly, just ask Norv Turner. The Chargers have lost a couple of games due to poor special teams!


  5. Thanks Steven! Even though DST is an intregal part of football, in ‘Fantasy Football’ although important, it should be the next to last position to be drafted; the last being the Kicker.


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