7 comments on “Fantasy Football- These TE’s are the best of the rest…

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  2. Both the Cowboys and the Broncos will rise up this year, Denver will take their division! And if da ‘boys can win 11 games, they too could win the NFC East…


    • yeah it bothered me too Cayman. Unfortunately iI gave their defense some recognition in my next article so I’m preparing you in advance. I’ve to call them as I see ’em…
      Thanks for checking in..


  3. I like Tamme over Dreessen myself, (I’m a sucker for reunions) but you can’t deny the dude produces when he’s on the field and Peyton loves his Tight Ends.
    I’m not so high on Finley, with so many hungry hands in GB he’s prone disappearing every few weeks, but can’t disagree that he has to be one of the top guys following that “Sexy Six.”
    Love Greshem, and Fred Davis, both should continue to build on their success. And I really think Cook can break that top 5 IF he gets Jake Locker as his starter. Especially with Kenny Britt looking at a suspension.
    All in all, it’s a solid list. People always forget Brent Celek (like I just did) nice to see his name pop back up, Vick definitely likes him.


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