8 comments on “Fantasy Baseball-Week #18 Waiver Wire Pickups

  1. Ozzie’s hiring like that of Valentine with the Red Sox was a monumental mistake ! The front office executives chose bravura over tangibles and it came back to bite them in the a#s !

    The NBC coverage of the Olympics are proving to be a monumental bore because of the lack of talent by way of the analysis provided and the hosts . Bob Costas is now past his sell by date in this regard ! And why Ryan Seacrest in London interviewing US athletes ? What Seacrest brings to the table borders on Richard Simmons would bring to the table were there a gathering of heterosexual males in attendance to discuss their voracity in terms of their female sexual partners .

    Seacrest brings absolutely nothing !

    tophatal ………..


  2. I have gone on record in this very blog about my displeasure for both Valentine as well as Guillen. Unfortunately I do not do the hiring or firing in Boston or Miami…They would both be long gone if I did!
    Thanks for commenting.


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